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BUY ONE,GIVE ONE For every lipsick we sell, we give one to your favorite caregiver

Embrace Cosmetics was launched by Kin Wong in December 2019 in Sausalito, California

An entrepreneur by day and tango dancer by night, kin is involved in multiple brain health projects. when he created Embrace Cosmetics he set it his mission to contribute to brain health initiatives through contributions, involvement, volunteering, and functional organizing.

At Embrace Cosmetics we embrace for Impact, meaning for every lipstick we sell we donate one lipstick to dementia caregiver. We also organized dance studios around Bay Area to invite dementia caregivers for free lessons. Dancing changes people's lives and improves their brain health.

If you want to embrace for impact with is through contributions, volunteering, signing up dementia caregivers or providing dancing lessons, please contact Kin directly at